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The National Pharmacy “Dobroho dnia” is a convenient pharmacy service format: a combination of traditions of a classical pharmacy with fast market service.
Pharmacies have an open self-service zone, through which the customers have the opportunity to choose the appropriate product for their own health, at the same time receiving a qualified expert advice.

The basic principles on which the Pharmacy “Dobroho dnia” service is based are:certified products. The network only works with official suppliers and manufacturers, and has the necessary certificates of quality and registration for the entire range; latitude of the choice of the goods. In addition to a wide range of medicines, pharmacy categories include hygiene, rehabilitation and medical equipment. Here you will find a wide range of medical cosmetics, baby food and accessories, as well as products for expectant mothers;
qualification and level of service of specialists. All employees of the network meet the high standard, passing annually an appropriate certification and advanced training courses.

The network always tries to offer its customers only favorable terms of purchase – there is a convenient Care Program, with which you accumulate bonuses and have the opportunity to count on them.

Customers are regularly offered special prices for seasonal goods of high demand, offer promotional offers for integrated purchases of necessary medicines. The network actively co-operates with social programs such as Orange Card, which allows patients with certain chronic diseases to receive specialist drugs at significant discounts.

The product delivery service operates online.
Telephone round the clock hotline 0 800 500 129.

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Dobroho dnia

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