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CHERDAK is the space at the sky level, where business, talent, creativity and art do not just interfere, but also cooperate with each other and help to give birth to new ideas and implement them. This is primarily a place for the events, and then for coworking. Here is the ideal atmosphere to free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and start to create. The space in the heart of Vinnytsia is easily adapted to any event. CHERDAK is ideally suited for holding a conference, lecture, seminar, training, literary party, movie show, corporate event or concert. It is always possible to come here to work or just relax and chat with friends. The space for ideas combines thematic halls with lots of variations for your successful event. The halls are equipped with an acoustic system and projectors with a set of modern technologies. On the territory of CHERDAK there is CHEBAR: exclusive coffee and unique sorts of tea, desserts, alcoholic beverages, coffee breaks and catering services.

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