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Many parents are thinking about where to buy toys for kids and they are searching for high-quality, safe, interesting for kids and at the same time not expensive toys. A good solution in this case will be a purchase in Budynok Igrashok store. It offers unique and popular products. Budynok Igrashok is the largest Ukrainian chain of toy stores. Our goal is to surprise, give emotions and brighten kids’ life. We believe that adults do not exist; therefore, the assortment of Budynok Igrashok store is so wide that it is possible to find a suitable toy for a newborn child as well as for an adult. Each new purchase is a guaranteed discount for all next purchases (from 5 to 15%).

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Budynok ihrashok

The largest Ukrainian chain of toys stores

+380 80 03 01 130 1 floor


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