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“Passport Service” is an officially registered trademark for goods, works and services of the “Document” State Enterprise (founded on August 11, 2003), which is subordinated to the State Migration Service of Ukraine (SMS). “Passport Service” is a high comfort level service center for citizens, here according to the European standards, without corruption risks, everyone can order biometric passport of the citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, passport of the citizen of Ukraine in the form of ID card, temporary or permanent residence permit for foreign and stateless persons residing in the territory of Ukraine, police clearance certificate, as well as apostille service and insurance products. Currently 28 such centers are providing the services, and further development of the network is planned as well. The centers have an adequate number of qualified professionals who ensure highly organized and efficient work with reception opening hours convenient for visitors: from 9:00 till 18:00 without breaks six days a week (on Saturday from 9:00 till 13:00). Average time spent by a client in the premises of the Center is about 20 minutes, including the time needed to pay for services. The centers are provided with necessary equipment, modern furniture, air conditioners, electronic queue system, payment and bank terminals, public Wi-Fi. Clients are notified by SMS that their documents are ready. The enterprise provides paid services to clients on a voluntary basis. Prices for services of the enterprise are lower than the cost of similar services provided by many other private entities (travel companies, legal agencies, consulting firms, etc.)

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Passport service

High comfort level service center for citizens

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